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17th June, 2017

Jewelry allergies are a common problem for people who have sensitive skin. They occur when the skin comes in contact with a metal, especially nickel. The allergic reaction makes it difficult to wear m

18th May, 2017

In our previous post, we discussed various semi-precious stones that can be excellent alternatives to diamonds. One of those sparkling stones was Moissanite. It stands out from the list because it’s

16th May, 2017

Is your wedding date fast approaching? Congratulations! Since your special day is coming soon, you must be busy shopping for your bridal jewelry. Many soon-to-be-brides buy expensive diamond jewelry i

20th April, 2017

Are you planning to propose to your girlfriend, but you find yourself in a difficult financial situation? Before emptying your wallet to buy a diamond ring for the engagement, why not consider a secon

18th April, 2017

Buying gold or silver band for an engagement ring is fine, but it’s just shiny junk without a beautiful diamond attached to it. Nothing can replace this precious stone. Before buying a diamond, many