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19th February, 2018

Shopping for a wedding band for your husband-to-be is a unique experience filled with emotions and excitement. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Generally, men don’t wear a lot of jewellery, t

15th February, 2018

Silver jewellery is known for its timeless beauty and elegant appeal. The only issue with silver pieces is that if you don’t take care of them they turn black over time and get a dull look. This is

13th February, 2018

Pearls are iconic objects of beauty, they are ideal for making both fine and costume jewellery because of their traditional appeal and yet modern style. From formal to casual use, you can wear them on

19th January, 2018

Diamonds, emeralds and rubies are the preferred gems that come to mind whenever people talk about precious stones. But, the earth produces a wide variety of gemstones that are rarer and more valuable

18th January, 2018

Designer handbags are not only a craze among women worldwide but they also have a strong hold on the resale market. There are many designer handbags that are considered more valuable than some of the