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6th March, 2017

It’s no surprise that jewelry is the universal form of adornment. With its longstanding popularity, Canadians purchase large amounts of jewelry every year. The Canadian jewelry, luggage, and leather

1st March, 2017

The go-to safe alternative currency for many has been gold. Whenever there’s been political or economic uncertainty, people would buy and store gold. Things are no longer so black and white. Recent

28th February, 2017

The role of watches has evolved in the last one hundred years. They used to be a necessity, for both business and personal life. There simply wasn’t a more convenient way to keep track of time. But,

17th February, 2017

Are you in dire need for cash? Instead of selling off your gold ornaments, a better solution might be to opt for a gold loan. Let’s have a look into the benefits of gold loans: Faster Processing It

16th January, 2017

If you are into antique jewelry, there’s a chance you haven’t come across the term, ‘estate jewelry’. Estate jewelry is basically pre-owned jewelry. However, it shouldn’t be confused with an