Important Factors That Influence the Price of Gold

Buying gold for investment could be risky, if you don’t understand the various factors that drive the price of this precious metal. If you’re planning to invest in gold, then here are the important factors to be aware of as they influence the price. 1) Supply and Demand Like any other commodity, the supply and demand of gold are the main driving factors behind its price. It’s a basic rule of economics that increased demand for any commodity with low supply boosts its price. On the other hand, Read more [...]

5 Rarest and Most Valuable Coins in the World

Although coins are a common form of currency, they can be in a weird situation sometimes. There is some instances where the material used for making them is only a fraction of what’s printed on their faces. There are also times when a coin’s face value is more than its actual worth. There are several coins in the world that are highly collectable thanks to their rarity, historical significance or errors in printing or minting. With that said, here’s a list of 5 rarest and most valuable coins Read more [...]

Factors That Determine the Value of a Coin

Ever wondered why sometimes a small collectable coin is sold for thousands of dollars? If so, then here’s the answer. It's because of its worth and not the face value. There’s a difference between a coin’s face value and its actual worth. The face value of a coin is the denomination stamped on it. For example, the face value of a dime is 10 cents. However, when talking about the actual worth of a coin (collectible and precious metal bullion) there are several factors responsible for increasing Read more [...]

4 Unique Uses for Silver That May Surprise You

Silver is a unique metal with several incredible uses. It is one of the earliest metals to be used for making coins and the most popular metal for jewelry making after gold. This white metal has beneficial properties such as thermal conductivity, malleability and ductility, thus making it a versatile material able to be used for multiple applications. Previously, we discussed the unusual uses for gold, but silver is one step ahead of gold in terms of applications. This is due to its abundance and Read more [...]

4 Tests to Identify Counterfeit Silver Coins

Counterfeit coins are a big headache for the coin collectors and investors. With thousands of counterfeit coins entering the market at an astonishing rate, it is a serious threat to the economy. Identifying fakes is a daunting task especially if you’re new to this business. New technology and better resources are making the situation worse as the fakes are getting harder to authenticate through appearance alone. Whether you’re a veteran bullion dealer or a newbie, spotting a counterfeit gold Read more [...]

5 Unusual Uses for Gold That You Didn’t Know

Gold is a versatile metal used for various purposes. Some of which may surprise you! People generally only consider it as a precious metal used for jewelry making. But gold has many unique properties that are used for several novel applications in different fields. Gold is a very useful material when you consider its non-financial attributes. Apart from being a medium to store wealth, this precious metal is capable of playing multiple roles. Let’s find out what they are. 1) Implants From filling Read more [...]

4 Tips to Take Care of Your Fine Jewelry

Fine jewelry is a prized possession that adds to your beauty when it’s stylishly worn with the right outfit.  It is designed to last a lifetime but proper care and maintenance is necessary to keep it shining forever. Some ladies buy fine jewelry items out of excitement and fascination, but take little care for its maintenance. As a result, these sparkling pieces gradually lose their shine. Here are 4 tips you can follow to take care of your treasured jewelry and keep them sparkling for generations Read more [...]

Jewelry Allergies: Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

Jewelry allergies are a common problem for people who have sensitive skin. They occur when the skin comes in contact with a metal, especially nickel. The allergic reaction makes it difficult to wear metal jewelry such as earrings, watches, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Finding jewelry that doesn’t irritate the skin can be a challenge. Some people think that they are allergic to precious stones, gold or silver, but this isn’t the case. The truth is, they are allergic to metal alloys (mostly nickel) Read more [...]

What’s the Difference between Moissanite and Diamond?

In our previous post, we discussed various semi-precious stones that can be excellent alternatives to diamonds. One of those sparkling stones was Moissanite. It stands out from the list because it’s the closest substitute. Both diamonds and moissanite are rare gems that are similar to each other in appearance, but differ on colour, durability, price and brilliance. Many people opt to buy moissanite in place of diamonds, but don’t understand the differences between them. Here’s a comparative Read more [...]

7 Semi-Precious Substitutes to Diamond for Bridal Jewelry

Is your wedding date fast approaching? Congratulations! Since your special day is coming soon, you must be busy shopping for your bridal jewelry. Many soon-to-be-brides buy expensive diamond jewelry items and end up spending a lot more than their budget allows. But you don’t need to follow their example because there are many economical, yet beautiful alternatives available. Here are 7 alternatives to diamonds that you can consider for your bridal jewelry. 1) Moissanite Moissanite is a naturally Read more [...]